Bradley Method® Birth Classes

***My next series will be held Wednesday evenings, Nov 9 - Dec 21 in Beverly, MA. 7:00-9:30p. Virtual option available. Condensed. 11/23 class will be held on 11/22. Please contact me for more info!***

Congratulations on your pregnancy! In this series you and your partner will learn about various labor techniques and positions, prenatal and postnatal exercises, nutritional info, medical interventions (and how to decide when they might be necessary), pain management, positive communications, breastfeeding, and an introduction to life with a newborn--all in a warm and inviting atmosphere that supports camaraderie with your fellow students. The Bradley Method especially focuses on tuning into your body and your sensations, relaxation, and training your partner as a labor coach to help support a person in labor.

I teach my classes out of my in-home classroom in Beverly, MA. We are within walking distance from the commuter rail and have plenty of parking. 

Why on earth would anyone want to take multiple weeks of birthing classes? The reasons are many, but my favorites include practice (yes, we do labor rehearsals), exercise (I will get you Kegeling--and explain WHY!), nutrition (it takes 3 months for your body to utilize any changes), and sharing information. In addition, because labor coaching is so important in The Bradley Method®, time is spent in each class learning and practicing coaching techniques—a thoroughly prepared partner knows what to expect in labor and therefore has more tools to support you in birth. We also spend time learning massage, positioning, coping strategies—and getting these topics into your body takes some time. 

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email with any questions. If you’re interested in taking classes, I ask for a $50 deposit to hold your space. Cost is $400 and includes the student workbook, access to my lending library of books and DVDs, and email and phone support unto perpetuity (birth is just the beginning!). No one will be turned away. If the fees are a hardship, let's chat. I offer reduced rates for certain circumstances, a sliding scale, barter, or payment plans. 10% of my fees go to a fund for my volunteer doula work.