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Bradley Method® Birth Classes

I am a certified teacher in the Bradley Method®--a comprehensive 12-week series of prenatal birth classes held in my home classroom in Beverly, MA.

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Infant Preparation Class

Parenthood isn't always easy. Learn the basics of newborns, soothing, feeding, sleeping, swaddling, and health and safety in this 2.5 hour class.

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Doula Services

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A birth can be a wonderful, transformative, enlightening, and deeply satisfying experience for a woman, her baby, and her partner. I strongly feel that by taking prenatal childbirth education classes, a woman maximizes her potential to have the kind of birth she desires, in which medical interventions are used only when chosen or when medically necessary. I want to give you and your partner the tools to honor those choices, to have agency over your birth, and to set you on the path to successful parenthood by trusting your body, and each other.

For myself, it all started when I found myself pregnant for the first time in 2011. I was interested in natural childbirth, and when looking for classes, I was drawn to The Bradley Method®. I loved that it taught you to work with your body, to respect the power within yourself to give birth, to work with your partner, and how it was so comprehensive. After taking the class, I discovered the power and joy of natural childbirth, and having my (Bradley trained!) husband there to support me was deeply joyful for me as a woman and for us as a couple. Five years and another natural birth later, I trained as an instructor. Two years ago I had my third child, this time a home birth.

My other life passion includes spending many years in the theatre as both a performer and a director. I hold an undergraduate degree from Brown University in English and an MFA from George Washington University in Classical Acting. I have found that my theatrical background both onstage and off has lended itself well to teaching and connecting with my students. To this day I also appreciate how The Bradley Method’s® focuses on knowledge and physical and mental preparation helped me navigate my own birth experiences successfully. I was trained to work with my birth, with my body, and with the support of my partner coach. I welcomed the power of such a life-changing experience. And now, I am excited to be teaching others.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in my classes.


***Now registering for my upcoming Infant Prep class, Sat 4/6 9:30a-12:00p*** For more info, please click here.

***Now registering for my summer Bradley series, May 23-Aug 8, 7-9pm***  For more info, please click here.

Please use this form to register for any of my upcoming classes. I will be in touch with more details! If you would like to pay online, or make a deposit online, you can access my payment portal at the top of the page or by clicking here.


I would definitely recommend Susanna's class to a friend (or a stranger). She's very knowledgeable and friendly - a great resource as you get ready for your big event."

Adam and Katie West Roxbury

Susanna - We are extremely grateful to you for the amazing, in-depth and personalized course. It helped us get through some tough moments! I lost count of how many times we discussed your tips and course during those 2 crucial days at the hospital. Thank you, Susanna."

Deepak and Naomi Belmont

Looking back, we can't imagine how things could have gone this well without all the help and wisdom and practice from our Bradley class."

Stephen and Jenny Cambridge

I was looking for a more in-depth class than the standard fare, and knew I wanted to avoid interventions if possible. Susanna delivered that and so much more--I truly felt so well-prepared for my first childbirth experience, and I was able to deliver the way I wanted to. Even when things didn't go according to plan, I understood my options, how to communicate my needs and desires to my caregivers, and my husband was able to coach me through it all. I truly can't describe how strongly I recommend Susanna's classes, and her balance of knowledge, caring, empowerment, and common sense. She never pushed me in any direction, but made sure I was well-prepared to make decisions with which I would be comfortable."

Kate and George Natick

Susanna's childbirth and parenting classes went above and beyond! The material that she presented was incredibly comprehensive. It spanned everything from self-care during pregnancy, the physical and psychological changes that take place during gestation, preparation for labor and childbirth, and postpartum care. I found this information to be incredibly valuable and it provided me with a lot of peace of mind. As expectant parents there is so much mis-information out there, so it was amazing to have guidance in these areas. Susanna is incredibly down-to-earth and knowledgable as an instructor. And the course is interactive with discussion, activities, and videos. I also appreciated the focus of the partner's role and how he/she can provide support during every step of the journey. With guidance from the course I felt fully prepared to have a natural childbirth (as prepared as anyone can be!)"

Asia and Alex Cambridge

Susanna, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us through. We used so many tools that you taught us. Having the knowledge that we gained I think really helped us get through the long haul that it was."

Aran and Karoline Cambridge - Copy